Braydon Erickson

Throughout the week of November 27th, Braydon hadn’t been feeling well. His parents took him in to in to the doctor’s office where they conducted a test for Strep Throat. As the week went on, Braydon became sicker. He was then taken to urgent care and transferred to the Emergency Room where they began testing to find out what could be causing his illness. Soon after tests began, Braydon was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis where they conducted more blood tests. By the end of the day on Thursday November 30th, Braydon was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) at 9 ½ months old. After four months of treatments and countless time spent at the hospital, Braydon received his final chemo treatment on March 25th! Early in May, they removed his tubes (feeding tube and Hickman port). Although he can’t be fully social again until his immune system reaches 100%, he is finally able to start getting back to normal activities.

Jessica DeLisi

Jessica had just finished her accounting final at DCTC & was on her way to pick up her daughter from school.  It was January of 2017 & life should have been looking up.  Unfortunately, she was hit, head on by a person with no driver’s license and Life changed instantly.  It was touch & go if she was going to survive.  She had a concussion, broken nose in 2 places, broke off a chunk of her vertebrae, broken arm, broken ribs, broken leg with a compound fracture, other leg & ankle broken in 18 pieces, & both hips cut to the bone from the seat belt.  She has had 10 surgeries (so far) & multiple skin grafts.  Most recently after a bone graft operation did not work, they had to amputate Jessica’s Leg. She is currently suffering from PTSD & in therapy.  She has 2 children that were 1 & 9 at the time of the accident.  It took over 2 weeks before the baby would go near her as she was so swollen & bruised he did not recognize her.  Both children are in therapy also.


On February 2nd, 12 year old Parker had some tests done that showed a large mass in his chest after complaining of pains in his chest and having some flu-like symptoms. After a multitude of tests, he was diagnosed with Stage 2B Hodgkin Lymphoma. After meeting with doctors and coming up with a treatment plan, his mom Crea made the decision to take a leave from her job to help care for Parker. On May 8th Parker received his final Chemo treatment. Shortly after chemo ended he started getting ill again and diagnosed with C-Diff. After a few more stays in the hospital, he began to turn the corner and his health improved. On June 20th, Parker had his PET scan which showed no signs of needing any more treatment and his lymph nodes looked normal. On July 12th, Parker was finally able to have his port taken out and we celebrated a week early by taken a family trip to New York! Parker is looking forward to starting his 7th grade school year this fall and getting back to swimming.

Past Recipients