Kathy & Tory Johnson
On September 14th, 2019 Kathy and Tory were in a motorcycle accident. Upon arriving by ambulance to Regions hospital, Kathy was immediately taken into surgery to repair an open fracture to her tibia & fibula; Tory was admitted for severe concussion, 5 broken ribs and extreme lower back and hip pain. Following their release they needed 24-hour home care and many types of adaptive equipment. In 2020 Kathy met with a Neurological Pain Specialist where she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS). She has undergone 2 Sympathetic Nerve Blocks in hopes to relieve the pain, but both procedures were unsuccessful. As a result of the accident, Kathy will never be able to work again and is getting around with a walker/cane and has restrictions on lifting anything over 10 lbs.

Braxton & TB1Fund
Braxton was diagnosed in January 2019 at age 9 with Very High Risk B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Brax has always been a very smart, athletic, and determined individual and that did not change one bit when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her positive mindset has been a huge part of her fight over these past 2+ years of treatment. Her determination to stay strong and return to her love of gymnastics has been a huge motivator throughout her treatment.

Braxton has a very strong bond with Masonic Children’s Hospital and the University of Minnesota so she decided she wanted to create her own foundation to help other patients and families going through similar life changing situations. Braxton and TB1F (TeamBrax 1 Fund) will continue to give back after she completes her treatment and hopefully for years to come.

Braxton completed her treatment on May 28, 2021. Brax is looking forward to a chemo and radiation free summer. She is excited to travel, spend time with friends, return to gymnastics fulltime, and just be a normal kid.


Instagram: @teambrax1

Johnathan Sain
Super Bowl LII was so much more than just a football game. On Sunday, February 4, 2018 Johnathan sustained a C3 incomplete spinal cord injury after losing his balance at the top of our stairs at home. As we sat in ICU scared and in shock, we found some normalcy watching the Patriots and Eagles play football. It was the distraction we needed to help get us through that devastating night.

Johnathan had no movement or sensation from his shoulders down. After an anterior cervical discectomy (to decompress the spinal cord) andfusion at C3 and C4 (to stabilize the vertebra) he spent five weeks at the hospital healing and participating in their acute rehab facility. In mid-March Johnathan transferred to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute where he spent seven months rehabbing before transitioning home.

Spinal cord injuries are traumatic events that alter the life of the individual as well as the lives of the family. SCIs are stressful and require ongoing costly care and treatment, which has significant impact on the family’s health, relationships, lifestyle, and finances.

“Inhale Faith, Exhale Fear” is a quote that was shared with us shortly after Johnathan’s accident. It has become our family mantra. Johnathan finds comfort and strength in it and it continues to push him forward each day.

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