Rory Collins

In the summer of 2022, 13 year old Rory Collins went in for a sports physical and was referred to an Endocrinologist for short stature.  In November, a Growth Hormone (GH) test was recommended and it was found that Rory was not producing enough GH.  He began taking injections but because of his low levels additional tests were ordered including an MRI.  The MRI results came back showing a brain tumor known as Craniopharyngioma.  This type of tumor is rare and only diagnosed in 3% of cases each year.  On January 9th, 2023 Rory had a Craniotomy to remove the tumor.  Doctors were able to remove 100% of the tumor and pathology results showed that it was benign.  Due to the location of the tumor, there was damage to Rory’s optic nerve and as a results he has loss of vision in his right eye.  Post-surgery Rory has been recovering at home and as of late February was able to go back to school.  He is most looking forward to being able to participate in gym class and sports once he is cleared by his doctors.